Avnet EMEA and CalcuQuote have engaged in connecting Avnet via API to CalcuQuote’s procurement services platform for customers.

CalcuQuote optimises electronic components quoting and sourcing by taking into consideration the unique needs of each Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) project. Customers have the ability to tailor their quotes with very granular specifications for speed, price, package, excess and much more.

All CalcuQuote software is easy to implement, connect with supplier APIs and onboard with no additional IT overhead.

“Integrating with EBV Elektronik, Avnet Silica, and Avnet Abacus APIs will be a huge gain for our EMS customers all over UK and Europe because they are such big sources of component inventory,” says CalcuQuote CEO, Chintan Sutaria. CalcuQuote significantly improves the speed, accuracy and efficiency of supply chain processes, from quote to delivery.

Brian Wilken (pictured), Vice President Digital at Avnet EMEA, commented: “API has been on our roadmap for a while, and we offered to some selected customers a standard-API, based on our e-commerce platform. Now, with CalcuQuote, we are adding another exciting and reliable channel to our API strategy. We are confident that by end of this calendar year, many customers will take the opportunity to use the platform to optimise their project calculations.”

CalcuQuote’s platform provides pricing and delivery information, which are then used by the configurable price function.

The result is a quick result detailing the optimum purchasing/packaging scenario – taking account factors specific to the project, such as delivery dates, production levels, and “surplus” purchasing.

The results are stored into a powerful SQL backend database, and can easily be reused for similar projects or by other users in the company.

As a result, CalcuQuote significantly reduces the amount of time spent in the quoting process.


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