Avnet Abacus has expanded its offering of accessories for lithium coin cells. To complement its existing range of Varta and Panasonic coin cells the company has added a new range of coin cell battery holders from Harwin.

The new Harwin S82xxR and S84xxR battery holders are highly reliable receptacles suitable for use with any 12.0mm and 20.0mm coin cell battery. With horizontal and vertical insertion options, they combine secure cell retention with quick and easy insertion and removal, allowing battery installation and replacement without the need to use tools of any type, and eliminating the need for expensive soldered-in cells.

Available in surface mount (SMT) or through-hole packaging, the range includes single-piece holders manufactured in tin plated phosphor bronze and insulated devices made using high-temperature plastics for ROHS solder process compliance.

Avnet Abacus offers the complete range of primary and rechargeable lithium coin cells from both Varta and Panasonic.

Both Varta and Panasonic offer the standard temperature CR series product from 10mm diameter to 30mm diameter with capacities from 25 mah to 1000 mah.

In addition from the Panasonic range, Avnet Abacus offers the high and ultra high temperature BR ranges that show extended reliability and safety over a broad temperature range; and a wide range of coin cells where a rechargeable solution is required.

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