Arrow stocks full range of cooling technologies for process control equipment

Arrow cooling productsArrow has announced a full range of technologies for the cooling of process control equipment. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of fans, heatsinks and accessories provides the widest variety of options for manufacturers and maintainers of equipment in industries ranging from food to pharmaceuticals.

Among the technologies that Arrow can deliver ex-stock is the wide range of DC and AC fans from specialist manufacturer ebm-papst. Fans are available in axial, radial and diagonal configurations and in sizes to address the cooling requirements and space constraints of almost any process control system. For applications where natural convection cooling is required, Arrow provides extruded aluminium heatsink technologies from thermal management specialist Aavid Thermalloy.

The ebm-papst DC fans available from Arrow include DC axial products with diameters from 25mm to 280mm and the latest S-Force products with blower capacities up to 950m3/h that are capable of dealing with extreme heat. VARIOFAN options that feature intelligent temperature-dependant speed control can operate at lower speeds than standard fans with corresponding reductions in noise output. Where a DC supply is not an option, Arrow offers ebm-papst AC fans in a variety of sizes. These fans include silent running models and the latest ACmaxx family designed for direct connection to all AC voltages with no need for switching.

For passive cooling requirements, Aavid Thermalloy extruded heat sinks provide a wide range of natural convection solutions for higher power components and systems. Arrow offers these heatsinks in many standard shapes and sizes, and can also deliver custom alternatives matched to the specific needs of a given application.

Arrow stocks a number of options and accessories to support the implementation and maintenance of cooling applications. From ebm-papst, for example, Arrow can offer bespoke fan trays, special connectors assembled on power leads or threaded inserts for faster fan assembly, all added value options are 100% tested. Arrow also offers access to ebm-papst full-test facilities. For passive cooling, Arrow can provide heatsink clip systems to eliminate the need for mounting hardware and tools and a selection of thermal interface materials.

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