Digi-Key Corporation and Altium Limited Announce Global Distribution Agreement

DigiKey logoDigi-Key Corporation, a global distributor of electronic components, and Altium, the world leader in unified electronics design, have announced a global distribution agreement.

Digi-Key will distribute Altium’s Desktop NanoBoard, which will include a 12-month timed Altium Designer license. The Desktop NanoBoard will be delivered with a standard set of plug-in peripheral boards and a choice of one of three FPGA daughter boards.

Digi-Key will also carry the extended range of NanoBoard plug-in peripheral and FPGA daughter boards. These options extend the design choice and freedom available to designers.

Altium products stocked by Digi-Key are featured in its print and online catalogs and are available for purchase directly from Digi-Key.

Altium markets the combination of the Desktop NanoBoard and Altium Designer, Altium’s unified electronics design solution, as the ultimate Innovation Station. The Innovation Station gives designers everything needed for rapid prototyping, concept exploration and device experimentation. Designers can create functionality in programmable hardware, and then deploy to physical hardware for testing and analysis, without having to create any custom prototype boards.

Because the NanoBoard is reconfigurable and independent of device vendor, designers are not constrained by having to choose the final device at the beginning of the design process. They can create, test and analyze functionality in different devices using the NanoBoard, and switch between devices to compare the performance in the actual design. The NanoBoard’s automatic configuration protocol makes this a simple process: swap the plug-in boards, and the NanoBoard reconfigures to the FPGA device or set of peripherals without having to change the design.

Nick Martin, Altium’s CEO, said, “Altium is passionate about putting the best available design solutions into the hands of every electronics designer and engineer as quickly as possible.

“This agreement with Digi-Key is a significant step toward helping make this a reality. We are impressed with Digi-Key’s global coverage and commitment to first-class customer service. And we feel aligned with them in the way we both want to make our customers successful.

“With Altium’s Innovation Station, Digi-Key’s customers have a future-proofed, vendor independent, ‘live design’ development environment. They can use a reconfigurable development platform to create rapid prototypes, explore new concepts, and experiment with different devices in ways they couldn’t do previously.”

Digi-Key President and COO Mark Larson said, “A very appealing aspect of Altium’s Innovation Station is that, straight out of the box, it delivers a product development solution for electronic design engineers. For Digi-Key, Altium’s Innovation Station is consistent with our desire to provide our customers with products that are practical, relevant, and state of the art.”

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