Detailed vendor ratings and audits can now be undertaken remotely by customers of Anglia Components by using the free Anglia Sigma service.

This service is exceptionally valuable to customers who have to conduct mandatory inspections and evaluations as part of their ISO quality process but are constrained from carrying them out due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Anglia Sigma provides customers with a detailed overview of their business with Anglia and is completely free to use.

The service is provided as a comprehensive, free dashboard driven directly by Anglia’s business system, which provides all the data customers require to assess Anglia’s performance over the last twelve months.

This includes analysis of forward, current, and historical orders and enquiries, as well as key vendor rating features including Anglia’s on-time delivery performance.

Anglia Sigma is available to all customers who are registered on Anglia Live and can be accessed by logging into their account.

Claire Stevenson, Quality & Compliance Manager of Anglia, explained, “Social distancing measures and travel restrictions have made it impossible for customers to visit Anglia to conduct vendor assessments, reviews and audits – even though these are a necessary part of their QMS and ISO quality procedures. Anglia Sigma provides an excellent alternative, offering complete transparency in the customers’ trading relationship with us, including all the information that they need to conduct a detailed remote audit. We believe we are still the only electronics distributor to offer this level of information free of charge to all our customers in an instantly accessible, online portal.”

Anglia Sigma includes all transactions, regardless of whether they were placed by phone, email, fax, EDI, API or through Anglia Live.

Customers can see exactly how Anglia has performed over the last twelve months, with information like the number of converted lines and their value, a breakdown of enquiries, billings over the last twelve months by month and last five years by year, and a breakdown of purchase orders by product type.

Critically, the dashboard also shows Anglia’s delivery performance, listing a breakdown of shipments dispatched on time and delivered on time.


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