Astute Electronics has added Amphenol Tuchel to its growing franchise supplier portfolio. Amphenol Tuchel offers a wide range of interconnect products and specialises in high power contact technology such as RADSOK (Radial Socket).
Comments Gary Evans, E-Mech Divisional Manager at Astute Electronics: “The Amphenol-Tuchel range of high-reliability connectors will offer our industrial and defence customers a high performance, high power solution for power-hungry applications used in rugged environments.”
RADSOK’s hyperbolic construction offer superior performance compared to standard pin and socket connectors. Advantages include contact coverage of up to 65%, absorption of vibrations as well as stability and long-term stability of the contact elements.
Current transfer of several hundred amperes in addition to a high number of mating cycles is not a problem.
Amphenol’s C146 Heavy|Mate – a modular connector line, consisting of hoods, housings, inserts and contacts – utilise Radsok contact technology to deliver a robust design suitable for harsh industrial environments.


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