Aerco now supplies a new range of Honeywell wireless controllers designed to provide solutions for demanding and remote applications in the industrial and transportation industries. Known as the WOI (Wireless Operator Interface) these new controllers allow a limit switch to be actioned remotely thus eliminating wiring integrity issues experienced with cables, conduit, strain relief systems, clips, connectors and connection boxes. The interfaces are ideal for wirelessly switching pumps, motors, drives and conveyors, controlling gates and doors and alerting personnel of quality or manufacturing issues in remote locations.

The WOI range has a choice of push-button, rotary or key switch interfaces and up to 16 wireless operator interfaces can be used with a single wireless panel mount monitor. Because no wiring or connectors are required, these new controllers significantly reduce time and cost of installation and maintenance and simplify system design and reconfiguration.

Application areas for the WOI range include: CNC systems, conveyors, door and gate control, lifts, material handling, motor drives, presses, pumps, quality control, machine control and valve action.

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