SEP10-RUT-Fujitsu-mb87s2090-fThe MB87S2090-F is a powerline communication SoC (System-on-Chip) with a fivefold-accelerated 8051 core and was developed in collaboration with ADD Semiconductor. It is pin-to-pin compatible with ADD Semiconductor’s design and is produced by Fujitsu. The product combines an improved 8051 microcontroller, a hardwired medium access controller (MAC) and a C band CENELEC FSK modem in one chip. It is available at distributor Rutronik now.

Five serial communication interfaces secure communication to the outside. The integrated PWM timers can be used to switch and dim lights or for other functions. The MB87S2090-F SoC only requires a simple coupling circuit and drastically reduces the number of components of PLC applications. This simplifies home and building automation and intelligent lighting and control and makes the use of PLC as a control network affordable for a broad range of applications.

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