RS Components has strengthened its memory portfolio by signing a global distribution agreement with Alliance Memory.

This partnership means that RS customers will have access to the complete portfolio of Alliance Memory products – covering storage capacities from 64kbit through to 8Gbit.

These products include the company’s 3.3V and 5V asynchronous SRAMs, which are commonly used alongside digital signal processors (DSPs) and microcontroller units (MCUs), plus synchronous SRAMs, low-power SRAMs and pseudo SRAMs.

Among the other products available will be 3.3V SDRAMs, 2.5V DDR1, 1.8V DDR2, 1.5V/1.35V DDR3 and 1.2V DDR4 SDRAMs, as well as 5V parallel NOR Flash, SPI serial, and NAND flash devices.

“We are eager to explore new opportunities with RS across a broad spectrum of industry sectors,” said Sue Macedo, Managing Director for EMEA at Alliance Memory. “The reputation that RS has built as the go-to supply channel for electronics engineers will allow our products to gain much greater market traction.”

“Alliance Memory is an established and highly respected brand, whose products for legacy and new designs will be pivotal in further augmenting the breadth of data storage solutions we can offer to our worldwide customer base. In particular, this partnership will be hugely beneficial to customers that have end-of-life concerns about memory products they are currently using. It will mean they can be assured of a long-term source for their needs,” commented Adam Osmancevic, Senior Vice President of Supplier Development at RS. “We anticipate a great deal of retro-fitting of Alliance Memory products into telecommunication infrastructure, medical equipment, industrial hardware and automotive systems, as well as considerable potential for new design-in activity.”


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