Nu Horizons Electronics opens new Distribution Centre to support expansion in Europe

Nu Horizons Electronics has opened a new distribution centre in Coventry, UK, which is more than six times the size of its previous facility. The distribution centre will provide the additional stocking capability needed to support the expansion of the global distributor throughout Europe. Nu Horizons Electronics Corp is one of the top five, publicly quoted, distributors of semiconductors throughout the world.

The new distribution centre was formally commissioned in August and will fulfil orders from all of Nu Horizons' Eastern European offices. The distributor has recently opened two bases in Eastern Europe to cover Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania, in addition to its offices in Coventry, UK and Munich, Germany. Orders from the Nordic region will continue to ship from the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary C-88 AS, based in Hørsholm, Denmark.

“Recent phases of our expansion in Europe have placed continued demands on our local logistics network,” comments Dave Aberg, Operations Manager EMEA, Nu Horizons. “This new, larger facility in Coventry has more than six times the capacity of the former, is temperature and humidity controlled and contains double the number of available picking stations. In addition, Nu Horizons has expanded its logistics staff to meet the growing demand. The new distribution centre complements our other regional logistics centres in the US, Singapore, Hong Kong and Mexico and will ensure that the further expansion of Nu Horizons' business in Europe remains well-supported.”

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