New Yorker Electronics has announced a franchised distribution agreement with E-Switch, a manufacturer of electromechanical switches.

E-Switch has been delivering quality electromechanical switches to the telecom, technology, medical, electronics, instrumentation, industrial, audio/visual, appliance, and consumer markets since 1979. With offices in Singapore and Hong Kong, E-Switch serves North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

“For New Yorker Electronics, this is a valuable extension to our current switch offerings with regard to both price and availability. And E-Switch serves North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America which aligns well with our distribution channels,” noted New Yorker Electronics President Barry Slivka. “We can help provide an established international distribution network and robust eCommerce operation.”

“This partnership will enable us to expand our market presence, amplify our brand message and create new opportunities for growth and innovation at a global level,” said E-Switch President Curt Bakken. “We look forward to working with New Yorker and Omni Pro to make our products available to their loyal clients and reach new customers needing switch solutions for applications of all kinds.”

E-Switch produces switches for most markets. Its rocker switches are well-known in the industrial market; its tactile switches commonly used in consumer products; and its slide and pushbutton switches are popular in telecommunications equipment. E-Switch anti-vandal switches are ideal for the medical and healthcare as well as in the transportation industry, as they are protected from dust and moisture and have long life expectancies.

Samples are available through New Yorker Electronics. As a franchised distributor for E-Switch, New Yorker Electronics supplies its full line of switches, including Anti-Vandal, Capacitive, Pushbutton, Toggle, Key Lock, Rotary DIP, Rocker and more.


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