RL78/L13MSC now offers the new RL78/L13 Group of low-power microcontrollers from Renesas Electronics. These new MCUs are ideal for use in metering applications, medical devices and household appliances.

The new RL78/L13 MCUs consist of 24 different types in 64-pin and 80-pin packages. With up to 128 KB of flash memory, these MCUs can drive up to 376 LCD segments and therefore belong to the most powerful MCUs in their class.

Additional features of the RL78/L13 Group of MCUs include comparators that enable reliable zero cross detection and timers that support variable pulse width modulation control in real-time. The timers include a forcible output stop function and can contribute to improved safety in applications such as motor controls.

Compared to the real-time clock provided in the RL78/L12 Group MCUs, the RTC in the RL78/L13 MCUs increases the correction resolution and thus increases the clock precision. The date and time values of the RTC are retained without being cleared by reset factors external to the MCU, so that the clock must not be corrected manually. These advanced functions make the new MCUs ideal for use in electricity, gas and water meters, and other systems that require a permanently running high-precision RTC.

In addition, these new RL78/L13 MCUs include all innovative features of the RL78 Family and support the IEC 60730 standard, which is a required home appliance safety standard in Europe. For this purpose, Renesas provides a software library certified by VDE.

Samples of the RL78/L13 Group of MCUs are available now. Mass production of the RL78/L13 devices is scheduled to begin in February 2013.

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