Mouser Electronics has signed a global distribution agreement with TinyCircuits, a maker of very small open source electronics. Through the agreement, Mouser is stocking the TinyDuino platform with TinySheld expansion boards. TinyDuino  is a miniature open source electronics platform based on the Arduino platform.

The platform is comprised of a TinyDuino processor board and multiple TinyShields, which add special functions like sensors, communications, and display options.

By stacking the TinyShields on top of the TinyDuino and other TinyShields, makers, students, and engineers of all levels create a TinyDuino Stack for almost any project.

The TinyDuino Processor Board uses the same Atmel Atmega328P microcontroller as used on the Arduino Uno and supports all of the same inputs and outputs — all on a 20mm × 20mm board.

However, the TinyDuino uses an 8MHz ceramic resonator (instead of the 16MHz that the Uno uses), which allows the TinyDuino processor board to run directly off of lithium-ion batteries down to 2.7V. Like the Arduino platform, the TinyDuino allows expansion by using TinyShields.

Engineers can add anything from Bluetooth or Wi-Fi communication capabilities to an OLED display to sensors and motors.

TinyShields offer a stacking height of just 3mm, allowing engineers to add several functionalities in an extremely compact final product.


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