MOSFET family includes award-winning TurboFET™ technology devices

vishaytrenchfetMouser Electronics, Inc., today announced it is stocking Vishay Siliconix’s TrenchFET Gen III Power MOSFETs. Vishay Siliconix transistors and ICs improve the efficiency of power management circuitry in end products while reducing space requirements.

The Vishay Siliconix TrenchFet® Gen III Power MOSFET family offers the industry’s lowest on-resistance in the PowerPak® SO-8 package type, the SO-8 package, and the PowerPak® 1212-8 package. The Vishay Siliconix TrenchFet Gen III Power MOSFET improves greatly on the performance of competing devices optimized for low conduction losses and low switching losses, due to their reduced on-resistance. These Vishay Siliconix devices can be used as the low-side MOSFET in synchronous buck converters and in secondary synchronous rectification and OR-ing applications.

A group of the TrenchFET Gen III devices were honored with the EN-Genius award for Best Improvement in Power Devices. These devices are the first to offer TurboFET™ technology which utilizes a new charge-balanced drain structure to help notebook computers, servers, and other systems use energy and/or circuit board space more efficiently.

Mike Scott, Mouser Vice President of Active Products, states, “Mouser is pleased to partner with Vishay Siliconix to introduce these newest products to our customers. Vishay Siliconix was the first supplier to introduce Trench power MOSFETs and each new generation of TrenchFET technology yields products that raise the bar for power MOSFET performance in a wide range of applications.”

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