TTI, Inc. has announced that Panasonic’s new V-FT series of low ESR SMD aluminium electrolytic capacitors is a full case size smaller than comparable products, representing a space saving of around 60%.

The combination of high capacitance and low resistance values in a small package has been achieved by the use of a high-capacity electrode foil and Panasonic’s propritary low resistance technology. Devices are available rated from 6.3VDC to 50VDC and from 10 to 2200μF in B to G case sizes (Ø4 to Ø10mm). Temperature range is -55 to +105degC and lifetime is 2000 hours at 105degC.

Applications include switching power supplies, DC/DC converters, industrial electronics, smart meters and telecomms which call for high efficiency and miniaturisation.

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