Digi-Key Electronics is offering availability of intelligent graphic, LCD modules that include touchscreens from 4D Systems.
The displays are compatible with numerous predominant development boards including Beaglebone, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and more.
“We are delighted to work with Digi-Key in expanding our distributor network and have a new trusted partner in making our display solutions available to a wider audience,” said Atilla Aknar, CEO, 4D Systems. “We very much look forward to seeing all the great new applications that Digi-Key’s customers will create by taking advantage of our ever expanding range of easy-to-use display solutions.”
The touchscreen LCD displays are ideal solutions for any application or industry where screens are used on a regular basis, such as security, medical, industrial, and home automation.
“The intelligent graphic solutions provided by 4D Systems are a great resource for our customers that are looking for unique, innovative and cost-effective modules for their designs and projects,” said David Stein, Vice President, Global Semiconductors at Digi-Key. “Because each product has a starter kit and includes the use of Workshop4 IDE software, engineers worldwide will have the opportunity to find something that fulfills their development needs.”


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