KOE’s distributors are warming up to represent the LCD manufacturer at Embedded World 2014 exhibition in Nuremberg later this month (Feb 25-27). MSC, Data Modul and Glyn will be exhibiting a range of KOE’s industrialised Rugged+ TFT LCDs, featuring IPS technology, and high brightness Lite+ display modules.

KOE’s Rugged+ TFT displays are intended for use in high reliability industrial, medical, marine, automotive and aerospace applications where consistent and guaranteed operation under extended temperature, mechanical shock and vibration is a necessity.

A number of Rugged+ modules also feature IPS-Pro TFT technology which gives outstanding image quality when viewed at any viewing angle. IPS-Pro provides exceptional colour saturation and stability with a 176° vertical and horizontal viewing angle.

The KOE Lite+ product line up features TFT displays with high brightness, long-life LED backlights and high contrast ratios to provide strong optical performance and display images that are bright and concise.

KOE’s Rugged+ and Lite+ TFT display modules are suitable for many varied applications including aerospace, industrial automation, in-vehicle, marine, medical, point-of-sale, process control and signage.


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