Hellermann Tyton heatshrink boots now in stock at Aerco

AE 401 A selection of Hellermann boots from Aerco LOW RESAerco now holds extensive stock of the Helashrink range of high quality heatshrink boots from Hellermann Tyton that offers a wide selection of many different types to allow the engineer to select an optimised and cost-effective solution to virtually all applications. Versions are available covering a variety of sizes and shapes with different levels of water resistance, fire retardance and environmental protection with operating temperatures ranging from 80 to 200ºC.

Among the products held in stock at Aerco are the 100 and 150 series bottle-shaped boots, the 100 series being thick walled with no rib while the 150 series is ribbed. New versions are also available that use a newly developed epoxy resin adhesive to provide extra levels of protection.

Also supplied are straight plug-and-socket connector terminal casings and branching parts for simple, time-saving insulation of the branch point of a cable where it is split into single wires. Also available are right-angle, VG style shape boots with a rib that can be installed directly on to a connector rear thread and is ideal for use on airborne harnesses to achieve low profile and compact strain relief with high levels of mechanical protection.

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