Component distributors in Germany have enjoyed a cracking start to 2017. Following a mediocre 2016, sales by companies registered with the Fachverband Bauelemente Distribution (FBDi e.V.) in Germany grew 6.3% to reach 907m euros during the first quarter – a record result.

The prospects for the upcoming quarters are even more promising, as orders have jumped 20% to over 1bn euros. The book-to-bill rate was 1.11.

The top performer among the product segments is electromechanical products, which soared by almost 13% to 91m euros, followed by passive components, which rose 7.5% to reach 122mn euros. Semiconductors climbed 5.9% to 635m euros. Power supplies also recorded double-digit growth of 12.2% to reach 25m euros. Displays and sensors performed less well, with both items recording falls in the double-digit range.

The breakdown of component types remained largely unchanged with semiconductors accounting for 70%, passive 13%, electromechanics 10%, power supplies 3%, and the remainder spread across other components and assemblies.

FBDi Chairman of the Board Georg Steinberger remarked: “This is a strong start that is set to improve further thanks to the excellent order situation. The overall position of the German high-tech industry is even better since its electronics manufacturing activities are focused to a large extent in lower-cost regions of Eastern Europe.  Perceived growth among customers in the first quarter is leaning more toward double-digits.”


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