Future Electronics has signed a worldwide franchise agreement with Netherlands-based ScioSense.

ScioSense is a manufacturer of sensor technologies.

The company offers a broad range of off-the-shelf products and applications, as well as innovative solutions tailored to customers’ specific needs. ScioSense produces humidity, gas/air quality, temperature, pressure and flow sensors.

Products include the ENS160, an indoor air quality sensor that uses sophisticated sensor fusion algorithms to produce measurement outputs which are better tuned to the natural response of human occupants than any other sensor on the market provides.

ScioSense has implemented a new multi-element sensing architecture for its next generation of air quality sensors using four highly integrated MEMS micro-hotplates, and developed sensor fusion technology which synthesizes the signals from each sensing element while compensating for the effect of humidity.

An Automatic Baseline Correction function intelligently resets the local threshold for air quality to ensure that the ENS160 reliably detects changes to pollution levels and odours in indoor air, no matter where in the world it is located.

Intelligent sensor fusion is also the key to an enhanced carbon dioxide equivalents (eCO2) score, which takes account of the range of polluting or odorous gases generated by human activity in addition to exhaled CO2.

ScioSense was founded in 2019 as a joint venture between ams and private equity company Wise Road Capital.

ams transferred its current environmental sensor solution portfolio covering air quality, relative humidity and temperature sensing, which are used in automotive, smart building and air quality monitoring infrastructure applications.

In addition, the ams ultrasound-based flow sensor solutions became part of the new company portfolio, along with the ams pressure sensor development.

Wise Road Capital advises the company, opening up its extensive network and resources from well-known global industry partners, covering Automotive, Telecommunication, Industrial Control and Home Appliance companies.


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