Flip Electronics has signed a franchised distributor partnership agreement with ERP Power (ERP) to distribute its End-of Life (EOL) semiconductor products.

ERP designs and manufactures full spectrum tuneable colour light engines and small, smart and connected LED drivers. ERP’s industry-leading tuneable colour light engines, precision power drivers, connected controls capabilities offer extensive dimmer capability, wireless connectivity, programmable outputs and high efficiency–all at a competitive cost.

Its products are rooted in the expertise of ERP co-founder and CEO Michael Archer, who changed the computing industry by designing ever-smaller power electronics for notebooks, desktops and servers from companies like Apple, Dell, HP and IBM.

Laurent Jenck, VP of Business Development, said, “ERP brings accuracy, control, and consistency to see everything in a whole new light. People can enjoy engaging, interactive experiences with light that improves productivity, perception, and comfort. Research shows LED lighting is the most commercially viable approach to reducing energy consumption and utility costs nationally and globally. But as we introduce new products, many of our clients want to still use our older version designs and that’s where Flip Electronics comes in. Their industry-leading experience in the supply chain with obsolete and EOL parts will clearly be a customer service advantage for us.”

“ERP Power is the latest addition to our product portfolio of industry-leading manufacturing partners,” states Jeff Ittel (pictured), EVP at Flip Electronics. “The lighting market that ERP Power creates solutions for will now have an authorised source to help provide supply chain solutions and to avoid line shutdowns due to obsolete components. Due to the increasing pace of obsolescence, manufacturers turn to us to source obsolete electronic components and avoid counterfeit parts. We will be there to support them as an ECIA-authorised distributor.”


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