EBV Elektronik is looking to tap into the growing medical and healthcare electronics sector with the launch of a dedicated website that will offer customers comprehensive online information on all Healthcare/Medical Electronics applications, markets and technologies.
The EBV Healthcare website gives both an overview of the markets and applications as well as offering a large amount of information – from general information on specific topics to detailed descriptions of applications.
Markus Vogt, Director Vertical Segment Healthcare explains: “Visitors to the EBV Healthcare website can move quickly and precisely from applications to the semiconductor product section. In this overview a click on the relevant product not only allows direct access to detailed information on technical features and logistical details, but also has an individual form allowing potential clients to make rapid contact with the appropriate EBV product specialist.
With our specially designed site featuring all information concerning the Healthcare/Medical Electronics sector, we are offering a highly-individualised platform for this segment.”
The background information of the Healthcare/ Medical Electronics site ranges from markets for personal healthcare (fitness and portable medical devices for the home), through diagnostics and therapy to medical imaging technology as well as medical measuring devices and tools – in each case with numerous sub-categories.
The site provides information on a vast number of subjects on the application page. Visitors can find information under headings such as “Disease Management System” (blood sugar measuring devices, insulin pumps, etc.) and “Physiotherapy”, as well as on devices for use in hospitals, digital devices for imaging diagnosis, monitoring equipment and laboratory equipment.
As an example of the depth of information under Monitoring Equipment, links to sub-pages offer detailed information on monitoring blood pressure, pulse oximeters, heart-rate watches, portable ECG devices, thermometers and patient activity monitors. Another click then takes the visitor to the semiconductor used in the actual application.


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