element14, Premier Farnell’s global online eCommunity for electronic design engineers has announced availability of the DK-LM3S9D96 development kit, a low cost, high performance platform for developing systems around the advanced capabilities of the 32-bit Stellaris ARM Cortex-M3-based microcontroller.  The DK-LM3S9D96 development kit is provided by element14 in collaboration with Texas Instruments, a leading developer of analog, embedded processing and wireless technologies.

The DK-LM3S9D96 development kit, available via element14 at a promotional price while supplies last, is an out-of-the-box platform for building ARM-based embedded systems. The kit delivers a complete design solution including hardware, software, source code, drivers, application examples and evaluation version development tools and serves as a straightforward and easy way to evaluate and design around the LM3S9D96 Stellaris ARM® Cortex M3-based microcontroller.

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For development, the DK-LM3S9D96 board comes with features commonly used in networking, industrial controls and human machine interface designs. The board is CAN (Controller Area Network) enabled and also comes with an External Peripheral Interface (EPI) with Audio I2S (Integrated Interchip sound). For communications, the board supports USB, a host of serial IO and Ethernet features. The DK-LM3S9D96 development kit includes a 3.5” TFT LCD display along with the supporting graphics libraries and software. The DK-LM3S9D96 board features the 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3-based microcontroller to deliver flexibility for applications that require high-performance processing.

“This is an off the shelf solution that is low cost but with high performance,” said David Shen, Group Senior Vice President and Global Head of Technical Marketing at Premier Farnell. “We have partnered with Texas Instruments to launch a product that will enable our customers to produce world-class designs and bring them to market quicker and more efficiently. We are pleased to add this solution to our rapidly expanding portfolio of innovative development tools and kits. Design engineers may find this latest offering in the development platforms and kits section on the Knode within the element14 community that contains technical documents and tutorials for the Firestorm.”

“Making our tools available through Premier Farnell lets more engineers experience the benefits of designing with Texas Instruments’ Stellaris microcontrollers” said Miguel Morales, Director of Marketing, Stellaris Cortex™-M MCUs, Texas Instruments (TI). “As with all of our other development kits, the LM3S9D96 kit gives engineers all the necessary hardware and software they will need to jumpstart their designs in 10 minutes or less.”


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