EBV Elektronik has extended its agreement with Cypress Semiconductor to gain access to the entire portfolio of Cypress products including the Programmable Systems Division range of products featuring Cypress’ PSoC families of devices.
PSoC is a programmable embedded system-on-chip integrating high-performance analogue, PLD-based programmable logic, memory and a microcontroller on a single chip.
It is a very flexible microcontroller with re-configurable analogue and digital functionality allowing users to integrate a large amount of analog and digital functionality into the PSoC device saving on both BOM costs and time to market. Overall PSoC comprises 4 families of devices, (PSoC1, Psoc 3, PSoC4, & PsoC5LP) and over 450 individual devices.
“Cypress is traditionally strong in a variety of segments including automotive, consumer, medical and industrial applications as well as aerospace and telecommunications”, comments Karim Khebere, Vice President Technical Development at EBV Elektronik. “This matches perfectly with EBV’s strength providing excellent service, technical support and expertise to our customers in these areas. With the extended agreement we will be able to provide an expanded Cypress portfolio to our customers by ensuring this exceptional service and support for these products.”


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