An e-book dedicated to the versatility and design power of operational amplifiers (op amps) has been published by Mouser Electronics and Texas Instruments. In the e-book, titled Amplifier Solutions that Answer a Range of Design Needs, Mouser and TI experts delve into the many uses for the chips in the analogue signal chain.

Operational amplifiers are alive, well, and thriving with ever-increasing performance and ever-decreasing size, power, and cost. The devices are integral to every major market segment, from industrial, personal electronics, and communications equipment to enterprise systems and automotive applications.

Whether engineers are measuring temperature, pressure, flow, or light, real-world monitor functions require the low-power precious of an op amp.

The new e-book explores several important topics — including the benefits of zero-drift amplifiers,  nanopower amplifiers in Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and Class D audio amplifiers in automotive infotainment systems — all delivering key insights into the many types and uses of op amps.

Texas Instruments amplifier solutions span a range of devices, including op amps, comparators, instrumental amplifiers, difference amplifiers, current sense amplifiers, programmable and variable gain amplifiers, plus special-function amplifiers.

These products feature low offset, low noise, low power, wide bandwidth, small footprint and even optimised cost.



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