Digi-Key Electronics has signed a global distribution agreement with Knowles (Syfer) (formerly Syfer Technology). Knowles Capacitors (Syfer) supplies application-specific multilayer ceramic capacitors and EMI suppression filters.
“We are delighted to be working with Digi-Key to bring the Knowles (Syfer) product range to an expanded audience of designers and users,” commented Steve Butcher, VP Sales and Marketing at Knowles Capacitors. “The combination of Digi-Key service and Knowles products offers a terrific combination for our customers.”
Knowles has many unique products and technologies including StackiCap and FlexiCap, claimed to be a world first in MLCC flexible terminations to reduce mechanical cracking.
The StackiCap range of capacitors is suitable for many applications such as switch mode power supplies, filtering, tank and snubber circuits, DC-DC converters, DC blocking and voltage multipliers providing benefits in applications where size and weight are critical.
Applications for MLCC products are widespread in the telecommunications, power conversion, automotive, and aerospace industries and are supported by approvals including CECC, UL, and TUV, with qualification also to AEC-Q200 for automotive applications.
“We are pleased to have the opportunity to add Knowles (Syfer)’s innovative application-specific capacitors to our diverse line card,” said Tom Busher, VP of Global I P & E at Digi-Key. “Engineers and customers anywhere can create designs and products with high-quality components suitable for their demanding applications.”


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