Registered My Digi-Key users can now sort by price when sourcing electronic components

Electronic components distributor Digi-Key Corporation, recognized by design engineers as having the industry’s broadest selection of electronic components available for immediate shipment, today announced its new Sort by Price feature is available for all registered Digi-Key users.

“The Sort by Price feature is something our customers will find extremely helpful when sourcing electronic components,” said Tony Harris, Digi-Key’s chief marketing officer (CMO). “While registration is not required to place an online order or to use the Digi-Key website, we believe our new sort-by-price feature will prove to be an essential tool for registered users.”

The Sort by Price feature is available for registered Digi-Key users after logging in to their My Digi-Key accounts. This feature is based on tier 1 or unit pricing and applies to all parts, all Digi-Key websites, and all Digi-Key supported currencies.

Registered users will be able to sort by price in ascending or descending order in addition to applying filters for product in stock, lead free product, and RoHS Compliant product. An Advanced Sort option is also available and allows users to request parts in specific quantities.

“You asked, and we listened: Digi-Key is now able to provide registered Digi-Key users their most requested feature. Registered users can now sort parts by price on the Digi-Key website,” said John Collins, Digi-Key’s chief information officer (CIO). “With our new Sort by Price feature, customers can view pricing of products from our vast collection of suppliers at a glance and choose the parts that best fit their particular needs. We want to enable our customers to take full advantage of this new feature and all that Digi-Key has to offer by becoming registered Digi-Key users.”

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