New DC bearing technology improves life and performance of DC fans

AE 305 Delta AUB series from Aerco LOW RESNow available in the UK from Aerco is the new AUB series of DC fans from Delta that incorporates new bearing technology to provide a life of 50.000 hours measured with L10 at 40ºC, much longer than conventional sleeve bearings.

Available in 60mm and 92mm square frame sizes with a depth of 25.4mm, AUB fans are supplied in either conventional axial flow or centrifugal blower formats with a maximum airflow 7.58 litres/sec (16.11 CFM). Supply voltage is 5V or 12VDC and the fans are RoHS compliant making them ideal for cooling modern equipment in IT applications, desktops, PCs, CPU cooling and equipment housed in 1U sized enclosures. Waterproof versions are also available.

The new Superflo bearing system is an improved sleeve bearing with reduced shaft friction and improved, recycling oil reservoirs that reduce power consumption and extend the product life over conventional sleeve bearing systems. The operating noise level is at a similar level to a two-ball bearing system.

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