EBV Elektronik has added to its resources for the automotive sector by creating a new Vertical Segment website for all customers, markets and applications.

The EBV Automotive microsite contains both an overview on markets and applications and a high level of content ranging from general information on the subject to detailed descriptions of the applications.

As a special service, a further click leads to an overview of the semiconductors which are used in the respective applications: visitors to the EBV automotive website can accurately and precisely zoom in from the application layer to the semiconductor level. In this overview, a click on the corresponding product not only enables direct access to detailed information on the technical properties and logistical details but also to an individual pre-completed form to establish contact with the respective EBV product specialist.

Frank Steffen Russ, Director Vertical Segment Automotive at EBV, explains the background of the launch: “Most websites in the industry do not relate to our customers’ individual automotive needs. With this dedicated microsite, including all information around the Automotive sector, we offer a highly individualised platform for that segment.”

The EBV Elektronik automotive microsite also provides brief background information on the capabilities of the electronics in 20 different vehicle groups. The spectrum ranges from cars to SUVs, electric vehicles, motorbikes and buses to commercial and special vehicles. EBV has even incorporated the peripheral markets such as diagnostic tools or toll systems.

For each of these areas the website lists the potential applications – from ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) to BMS (Battery Management System), car-to-car communication, diagnostics, EPS (electric power steering), telematics, etc. In doing so, network, lighting and power issues are as equally covered as the subject of safety. It’s just one more click away to the semiconductor with which the developers can realise their individual automotive system.


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