AU Optronics which supplies the common 4:3 format TFTs, and a full product line up for wide format 16:10 displays, is now offering a new product in “stretch-format”. It is available at distributor Data Modul.

With this new format it is possible now to provide panels into new applications where no suitable panel was available before. These new products are “cut panels” meaning a display with a panel size of 55.9cm (22in.) is cut and a completely new TFT – G190SF01 V0 – is developed which is only a third of the original panel. This new TFT has a resolution of 1680 x 342 dots. A typical brightness of 300cd/m² is achieved through LED back lights and already integrated LED drivers. With a physical size of 493.7 x 124.8 x 18.5mm the panel is suitable for all applications where available space in terms of height is limited. The display can be used in portrait mode as well as in landscape mode due to its MVA-technology which allows a very good viewing angle from all directions. A quarter CUT of a former 48.26cm (19in.) TFT is available as well. The G151EVN01.0 shows outline dimensions of 396 x 100.8 x 17.3 mm and a resolution of 1280 x 248 dots.


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