Over-moulded Binder 620 connectors stocked at Aerco

AE 373 Binder 620 over-moulded connectors from Aerco LOW RESAerco now stocks the Binder 620 series of sub-miniature, snap-in connectors that now includes over-moulded versions. The availability of ‘off the shelf’, fully tested, over-moulded sub-miniature connectors at competitive prices will be of great value to manufacturers and users of sensors and measuring and control equipment, market areas in which these connectors are widely used.

The 620 series is available with 3 to 8 contacts, handles currents up to 3A, is rated to IP67, has gold contacts and uses high quality PUR cables. The highly reliable, easy to operate snap-lock method provides fast, convenient and safe connect and disconnect.

Although standard 620 connectors use solder connections, the over-moulded versions are crimped thus providing improved contact resistance. All assemblies are 100% electrically tested, guaranteeing high performance and are supplied in a standard length of two metres, with other lengths available on request.

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