New micro connector from Aerco saves space

AE 289 Binder 420 Series from AercoThe latest addition to the Binder push-pull family of connectors, the 420 series, extends the Binder push-pull family to a micro version and is now stocked at Aerco. This new connector will give greater flexibility to engineers and designers by creating more space while maintaining the same high standards of electrical integrity.

Easy and quick mating and ideal for use where space is restricted, the 420 series is capable of sealing on 3 to 4mm diameter cable and will find use in many applications including test, data logging and medical equipment. The low cost and high performance makes it an ideal replacement for more expensive options currently used in this type of equipment.

Available in three, four and five way formats the mating face of the socket insert is only 6.8mm in diameter and IP67 rating is achieved by the use of an ‘O’ ring on the mating face and a simple gland and nut on the rear.

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