Avnet Memec, the highly specialized semiconductor distributor of Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA, a business region of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), has signed a pan-European distribution agreement with Greenliant Systems, a leader in energy-efficient, highly secure and reliable solid-state storage products. Under the terms of this agreement, Avnet Memec will distribute Greenliant’s complete range of NANDrive™, NAND Controller and specialty flash memory products in EMEA markets. The agreement will be effective immediately.

Flash memory plays a vital role in virtually every electronic device by retaining stored data even when the power is off. Greenliant’s NANDrive™ product line consists of high-performance, fully-integrated solid-state drives (SSD) that are well suited for mass storage in digital consumer, wireless, industrial, medical and networking system applications. Additional security features protect confidential information and provide complete integrated drive electronics (IDE) hard disk drive functionality in a small, space-saving ball grid array (BGA) package.

“Demand continues to rise in the embedded market for more compact, yet rugged SSD devices. Today’s OEMs are looking for cost-effective solutions that meet customer requirements. Greenliant fulfills our customers’ needs for protection, performance and price,” said Steve Haynes, president of Avnet Memec EMEA.

“Our NANDrive solid-state drive products have been very successful in the computing, networking and industrial markets,” said Bing Yeh, CEO of Greenliant Systems. “With this European distribution agreement, we are expanding our partnership with Avnet Memec, who has traditionally provided unparalleled access to expert engineering, integrated solutions and post-sales support for the embedded marketplace.”

Greenliant’s NANDrive contains an integrated ATA controller and NAND flash die in a multi-chip package and is designed for data storage in embedded and portable applications. It has a built-in microcontroller and file management firmware that communicates with ATA-standard interfaces, so the NANDrive does not require additional or proprietary host software such as Flash File System (FFS) and Memory Technology Driver (MTD) software. NANDrive products are available in capacities ranging from 512 MB to 32 GB and support industrial temperature ranges.

Greenliant’s high-performance NAND controllers provide high reliability, increased data integrity, powerful error correction capability, power-down protection and prolonged product life for data storage systems. Greenliant’s specialty flash memory product offering consists of parallel flash with densities ranging from 512 Kbit to 32 Mbit as well as ComboMemory™, a single-package combination memory with up to 32 Mbits of NOR flash and 16 Mbits of PSRAM buffer. Based on SST’s patented SuperFlash® technology, Greenliant’s parallel flash products offer high performance, superior reliability, low power consumption and small sector size. Greenliant’s ComboMemory is ideal for cell phones, handheld GPS devices, and other space- and power-constrained products.

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