Admiral Microwaves, has just announced the availability of the DBS6950 desktop antenna. It is aimed specifically at LTE (Long Term Evolution) applications in the cellular mobile communication systems marketplace. Undergoing rapid deployment in international markets, LTE is described as the last step toward the 4th generation (4G) mobile phone technology, designed to increase the capacity and speed of mobile telephone networks.

Manufactured by Laird Technologies, the DBS6950 external wireless dipole antenna provides a high quality, high performance air interface for LTE installations. This unit features a wide bandwidth, covering both the 700 to 960MHz and 1.7GHz to 5GHz frequency bands, making it ideal for systems required to provide multiple bandwidths, and therefore suitable for use in various regional and global applications.

In fact, the antenna operates simultaneously in more than 11 frequency bands supporting not only LTE, but also cellular, Quadband, GSM+UTMS, WCDMA/3G, AWS, IEEE802.11b/g/n WLAN, WISP, WiMAX MMDS/3.5GHz and Public Safety Radio applications.

The desktop antenna features omnidirectional gain patterns, and is designed with a minimal detuning effect when placed on a ground plane. Gain figures are quoted as 3.0dBi (698 to 960MHz) and 4.9dBi (1.7 to 5GHz) and VSWR at

The unit is supplied with coaxial cable pigtail providing a variety of connector choices, and conforms to the RoHS directive.

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