All American Semiconductor®, a leading distributor of electronic components, is distributing the S-Force series of compact fans from ebm-papst Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of fans and motors.

The S-Force series is comprised of five smaller series of fans, with sizes ranging from 80 to 172 mm. Each is the world champion in its class in terms of air performance and pressure build-up, providing first-class motor efficiency and a long service life. The S-Force series was designed for cooling all kinds of electronic components quickly, powerfully and efficiently, including cooling server rooms, switch cabinets, sensitive medical technology, and other complex machinery.

The S-Force series reaches nominal speeds up to 14,000 rpm, and operating values that had previously been attained only by larger fans. To equip the housing, stator, bearing system and rotor for high performance, a one-of-a-kind housing design was developed, offering mechanical precision down to the smallest detail.

At the heart of the S-Force series are highly compact single-phase and three-phase multipole motors with wear-free electronic commutation. Their outstanding features include high efficiency with low dissipated energy, maximum efficiency, and intelligent function. The new motors attain a peak power of more than 300 watts, equivalent to a 500% increase compared to the direct predecessor of the same size.

Special impellers, developed just for the S-Force series, have a revolutionary impeller design that provides unmatched pressure build-up in the saddle. The aerodynamic design, coupled with maximum mechanical precision, enables the S-Force fans to have constant low noise. Additional features include speed monitoring, closed loop speed control, operation monitoring, integrated or external temperature sensor, and microprocessor-controlled motor management for software-controlled fan operation.

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