Pixel Qi Corp., a developer of next-generation LCD panels with operations in Taiwan and California, was founded in 2008 by display and computer pioneer, Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen. Pixel Qi designs unique, innovative LCD screens that provide solutions not addressed by conventional screens. Its first products are sunlight-readable, low-power LCD panels aimed for mobile device applications.

As consumers increasingly rely on connected, mobile devices in their daily lives, the challenge remains for turnkey solutions: display devices offering portability, connectivity, long battery life and excellent indoor/outdoor readability. While earlier displays were unable to solve these challenges simultaneously, Pixel Qi’s unique technology plate enables high quality viewing in any condition. “Pixel Qi’s full-function color screen technology gives consumers an outdoor-readable video display with exceptional battery life, and is usable anywhere, anytime,” said Dr. Jepsen.

“We’re excited to expand our display product offering by partnering with Pixel Qi for their 10” and 7” sunlight readable displays,” said Cory Dana of All American. A leading distributor of electronic components, All American will design, sell and market Pixel Qi as one of their premier display suppliers, while maintaining inventory of displays and complimentary peripherals, such as driver boards and cables.

For more information visit the All American website at www.allamerican.com


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