Acal-BFi has signed an exclusive pan-European distribution agreement with USI, a global wireless module and System-in-Package (SiP) manufacturer. With a complete Internet of Things (IoT) offer, Acal BFi’s customers can now access advanced wireless technology with the expertise to apply it effectively.

USI’s wireless module technology is currently utilised by some of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of consumer and communication products, with a miniaturisation programme respected on a global scale.

The partnership brings USI’s leading edge technology to new vertical markets, some for the very first time.

The deal will enable Acal BFi to help its customers to develop the next generation of wearable technology and IoT devices. Customers can now develop products with superior capabilities and far more efficient development-to-shelf processes and timescale.

Lee Austin, Business Development Director for Communications Technology, Acal BFi, commented, “I am delighted to announce that Acal BFi is working with leading wireless manufacturer, USI, in the European market. Its technology has empowered countless products and technologies in recent years and now Acal BFi will bring this technology to a new European audience.

“Our customers can now utilise USI’s class leading wireless technology with Acal BFi’s complete IoT expertise. This level of product and support has not been widely available in the market before and I cannot wait to see how our customers will embrace this technology to bring the next generation of IoT products to market over the coming months and years.”

John Fang, Vice President & General Manager of Wireless and System Solutions 2 BU, USI, added, “Acal BFi has a long and well established reputation for support, design, application and delivery in Europe. With their specific IoT knowledge and experience, it was uniquely placed in the market to represent and support this level of product for new vertical markets in a new territory.”

USI is part of the ASE Group. It produces and manufactures global communications components, modules and chipsets.

IoT team: l to r; Jason Tsai, Senior Product Manager, Wireless & System Solutions; Daniel Tu, Senior Application Manager, Wireless & System Solutions; John Ho, Business Manager, Wireless & System Solutions; Jessica Yu, Associate Director, Wireless & System Solutions, USI, join James Ward, UK Managing Director; Jamie Carter, Sales Manager, Wireless and Communications; Richard Pollard, Sales Development Manager, IoT and Wireless, Acal BFi.


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