Acal BFi announces the launch of a new Hectronic embedded computer based on AMD Fusion G-series APUs. The H6059 Qseven module integrates the new AMD T40E and T40R ultra low-power dual-core and single-core accelerated processing units (APU), which combine a low-power CPU and an advanced graphics processing unit (GPU) into a single embedded device. The H6059 also integrates the A55E embedded chipset in the Qseven standard revision 1.2 compliant module measuring just 70 mm x 70 mm.

As a sister company to Hectronic, Acal BFi will provide specialist technical support on the H6059 in addition to supporting Hectronic’s full range of embedded computing modules. The combination of Acal BFi’s expertise in design for harsh environments, with Hectronic’s leading-edge embedded computing platforms, will enable OEMs to enrich their products with new levels of processing and graphics performance, combined with low power consumption and an extremely compact size.

The integration of the Radeon 6250 GPU into the CPU, allows the H6059 to offer increased 2D/3D and motion-video acceleration performance for general purpose GPU (GPGPU) computing applications using AMD’s Open CL support. The on-die GPU also helps to avoid the memory bus bottlenecks which can occur when using a discrete GPU.

Applications which could benefit from the H6059’s increased processing and graphics performance include digital signage, high-end HMIs, and portable test and measurement as well as in imaging and vision systems based on high-end cameras.

The H6059 also offers a rich set of I/O interfaces which include four PCI Express ports; eight USB 2.0 ports; two SATA ports; LVDS and the new DVl, HDMI and DisplayPort digital display interfaces, as well as an on-board Intel 82583 Gigabit Ethernet controller. Legacy I/O is supported through the LPC bus and the module has BIOS support for Super I/O devices on the carrier board. Full legacy ISA bus features, such as I/O mapping in memory, are also supported to enable industrial customers to easily migrate their installed product base to the new performance levels enabled by the H6059. SDIO is provided through an onboard USB-to-SDIO controller.

The H6059 supports up to 4GB of on-board soldered DDRIII DRAM, as well as an on-board soldered BGA SATA Flash SSD of up to 32GB. The BIOS is based on the new Phoenix SecureCore Tiano UEFI BIOS, with BSPs for XP Embedded, Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Linux.

Acal BFi will sample the H6059 Qseven embedded computing module to lead OEM customers towards the end of the first quarter of 2012, with an industrial-grade version of the H6059 planned for introduction later this year. A starter kit is available to support development with this module.

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