Anglia is laying down a challenge to its competition by introducing Anglia Sigma a live dashboard which will give customers access to its vendor ratings including delivery times and order fulfilment.

“I’ve no qualms, said Steve Rawlins, Anglia’s Chief Executive Officer. “We want to be bold and sharing this information is a way to build a customer’s trust in us. We’ve nothing to hide – our ratings are well above 98%. How that compares with the competition I don’t know as they don’t publish these figures.”

The Anglia Sigma dashboard also give customers analysis of forward, current and historical orders and enquiries. It is free to all customers, regardless of spend, via Anglia Live, the distributor’s e-commerce website.

Added Rawlins, “Our aim with Anglia Sigma is to give customers complete transparency in their trading relationship with us. Customers are used to coming to Anglia Live to research availability and to place orders. Now we’re putting full and comprehensive information about our business relationship with them in the same place, including metrics of our service and performance. We believe we are the first electronics distributor to offer this level of information free of charge to all our customers in an instantly accessible, online portal. We challenge other distributors to follow suit.”

The new dashboard includes all transactions, regardless of whether they were placed by phone, email, EDI, fax or through Anglia Live. They can also see how Anglia has performed over the last twelve months, with information like the number of converted lines and their value, a breakdown of enquiries, billings over the last twelve months by month and last five years by year, and a breakdown of purchase orders by product type.

Anglia Live now also includes the ability for customers to add their own part number references against each item.


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