ericsson power modules


Ericsson Power Modules adds big hitting distributor to boost European sales and service As part of its program to strengthen local support, gain a closer understanding of customers’ needs, and as part of its ongoing strategy to achieve the highest levels of communication and service, Ericsson Power Modules has signed a distribution agreement with ELFA AB. Under the agreement, ELFA will support Ericsson Power Modules’ sales in the main parts of Europe, serving customers and expanding both sales and demand in the catalog and buy-online market segments for Ericsson’s product portfolio. ELFA’s inventory will include Ericsson Power Modules’ isolated and non-isolated DC/DC converters and regulators. The ELFA catalogue, often referred to as the reference book of the electronics business, is distributed by way of 134,000 copies to electronics users throughout Europe. The high level of technology, ruggedness and reliability of Ericsson Power Modules products results in excellent solutions for the…