YEG Components announces the availability of the New Japan Radio NJU20300 and NJU20301, the small footprint, low power consumption digital signal controller (DSC) for digitally controlled, switch mode power supplies and motor controllers. The products are an ideal solution for many applications including office automation equipment such as multifunction office machines and mobile telecommunications equipment.

New generation industrial apparatus such as office automation equipment and communication base stations require the further miniaturization and integration of components and together with further reductions in power-consumption. NJU20300 series was developed so that these demands could be satisfied.

• Small footprint (75% reduction in footprint compared to the previous generation NJU20010/20011)
• High switching frequency
• Lower power consumption (135mW @ 30MHz) 44% less than NJU20010/20011

As well as the small footprint, the efficient low power consumption and 1MHz operation of the NJU20300/1 allows developers to select smaller peripheral components such as coils and capacitors, contributing to the miniaturization of electronic equipment.

In the NJU20300 series, the comparator with a D/A converter and oscillation circuit are built in, further helping to simplify circuit design and reduce the external components.

Component reduction and external circuitry is simplified by using a single power rail of 3.3V rather than the predecessors (NJU20010/20011 requiring both 1.8V and 3.3V)

SAR ADC can easily control auxiliary functions such as motor and quadrature encoders using the 10bit ADC. NJU20300 series can select a SAR (successive approximation) ADC or differential ADC (sequentially).

The SAR ADC has two sample hold circuits which can perform as a quadrature encoder interface (QEI). The operation can be setup as a timer module to control motors individually.

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