BluetoothIn response to the rapid development of iOS devices and software applications, Fujitsu Components has developed Bluetooth modules that are compatible with iOS products, such as the iPod, iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and, iPad mini. This new range is available through the components division of UK Distributor Young Electronics Group.

The fully integrated, Power Class 2 modules are compatible with Bluetooth Version 2.1 + EDR to assist with quickly creating wireless iOS-based products and accessories. Simply integrate the module to establish wireless serial communication in any device by using the standard stacking connectors or flat cable connector available on the module. The Fujitsu wireless modules for communication with iOS devices can be used in a wide range of applications such as mobile medical devices, printers, handheld diagnostic equipment and many other emerging devices.

Based on the CSR’s BlueCore-4-External chip, our MBH7BTZ family of Bluetooth modules includes a built-in antenna, 8Mbit Flash memory, crystal and CP chip. The upper layer protocol stack (L2CAP, SDP, RFCOMM), SPP and GAP profiles, and accessory protocols for iOS devices are all embedded. Communication and control can be easily established by using simple commands.

Each module series features a different packaging configuration to offer various mounting options:

•MBH7BTZ50 is a 31.0 x 15.0 x 2.5mm module with an integrated ceramic chip antenna and FFC interface.
•MBH7BTZ52 is a 17.6 x 14.0 x 1.9mm surface-mount module with an integrated antenna.
•MBH7BTZ53 is a 26.0 x 19.0 x 2.3mm module with an integrated antenna and board-to-board stacking connector.

The MBH7BTZ family of iOS-compatible, wireless modules are fully Bluetooth qualified and meet FCC/IC/CE approvals.

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