Wunderbar, the open source Internet of Things starter kit now has its own landing page on the Conrad Business Supplies website. It allows customers to order and provides detailed technical data, video content and supporting background information about the IoT.

The result of an exclusive collaboration between Conrad Business Supplies, MikroElektronika and the Berlin based startup relayr (iThings4U GmbH), the WunderBar, together with the OpenSensor Cloud platform, allows software application developers to quickly and easily begin using free SDKs & APIs and start developing new wireless applications. Crucially, it allows them to build prototypes based on data gathered from the physical world without needing to learn about hardware.
Recently, the WunderBar was awarded first place in The Internet of Things Grand Challenge, a competition run by Cisco Systems to spearhead an industry-wide initiative to accelerate the adoption of breakthrough technologies and products that will contribute to the growth and evolution of the IoT. This recognition for the WunderBar was hugely significant given that there were over 1,000 entries to the global competition.
The WunderBar comprises seven ‘chunks’ that can be broken off, separating into a Wi-Fi enabled master module with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), plus six detachable smart sensor mini modules. Each module has BLE, a sensor or actuator, and an on-board battery. The mini-modules give functionality including light, colour, distance, temperature and humidity sensing, plus an accelerometer, a gyroscope and infra-red (IR) remote control capability.
“The launch of a dedicated area on our website represents the next big step in the development of this exciting collaboration between Conrad and relayr,” said Shawn Silberhorn, Supplier Business Development Manager, Category Business Supplies. “The immediate access to order the WunderBar will raise the level of excitement amongst our customers for this product, which include many software & hardware application developers that are eager to explore the almost limitless new applications of wireless connectivity in all areas of our lives. The WunderBar provides the perfect platform from which to do this and will both simplify and speed the development path from idea to end product.”


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