MSC now offers the new DSO1612AR Signal Package Xtal Oscillator (SPXO) from KDS Daishinku. The DSO1612AR comes in a 1612 size package with external dimensions of only 1.6 mm × 1.2 mm × 0.5 mm. Compared with conventional SPXOs in 2016 size, the area is reduced by 40% and the volume is reduced by 58%.

The DSO1612AR’s output frequency range is from 0.6 MHz to 80 MHz, the supply voltage range is from 1.6 V to 3.6 V and the current consumption is only 2.8 mA maximum at 1.8 Vdd and 80 MHz output frequency. The DSO1612AR, which is currently the world’s smallest SPXO, is optimally suited to high-performance mobile consumer products such as smartphones, tablet PCs and high quality portable headphones.

The oscillator, which is lead-free and RoHS compliant, is specified for a wide operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C.

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