Wireless Power was the irrefutable winner at the first element14 Community Awards, celebrating the innovative products, exceptional projects and significant contributions by members of the 140,000 strong design engineer community. Wireless Power was named technology of the year and was also the foundation of the most ‘mind blowing project’. The founder of AC current and wireless power, Nikola Tesla, posthumously received the ‘Legend’ award.

Awards were given in the following five categories: Member of the year; technology of the year; most innovative product; element14 legend award and the most “mind blowing” project. The awards were created to give members the chance to recognise the work of fellow collaborators who have played a key role in the Community’s rise as a global source of design engineering expertise.

The ‘Most Mind Blowing Project’ was awarded to a wireless power solution for the Raspberry Pi, called the QiPi. Developed by Chad Johnson from Watertown, USA, the QiPi is a Qi battery charged and powered 512MB Raspberry Pi.

Following the theme, Wireless Power won ‘Technology of the Year’, an area element14 is helping to pioneer along with Cadsoft, Texas Instruments, Würth Elektronik and its community members. Wireless power is an option for any USB or 5V/19V DC adapter powered device and can be used with today’s mobiles and tablets. It will enable people to use their portable devices without cables and adapters, allowing consumers to re-charge on the go such as in the car or at a restaurant.

The late inventor and European- born Nikola Tesla was voted by community members to receive the element14 Legend award for his contribution to the electronics engineering community. Tesla, whose old laboratory was the focus of an online fundraising campaign in 2012, is credited with the invention of AC current and the laboratory was used in his dream to develop clean, free energy for everyone.

Member of the year was awarded to Don Bertke (DAB) a Retired Systems Engineer from Beavercreek, USA. He was recognised by the community for his continuous contribution and great all round expertise. Commenting on the award Bertke said, “I want to thank element 14 for this honour and I hope to continue to provide useful information to the community. You have created an outlet that I needed to satisfy my innate inquisitiveness in technology and my desire to mentor the next engineering generation. Everyday brings something new.”

Community members voted the Raspberry Pi as product of the year. It was recognised for the educational opportunities it provides for engineers, enthusiasts and beginners to learn more about electronics design and programming.

“Without our members’ engagement, ideas and discussion, the whole concept of the Community wouldn’t work,” said Dianne Kibbey, Global Head of Community and eProcurement at element14. “On behalf of element14, I’d like to congratulate the winners and say thank you to the many people who voted.”

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