Specialist distributor Charcroft Electronics has launched a new website which enables buyers and engineers to simplify the selection of rugged and high-reliability components for use in specific applications: military & defence, space, oil & gas, rail & transportation, industrial, specialist automotive, audio and instrumentation.

“The new website makes it easier for buyers and engineers to identify specialist parts which are designed to meet the reliability levels demanded by specific systems and applications,” explains Debbie Rowland, Director, Charcroft Electronics. “Rather than trying to find high-reliability versions among thousands of consumer-grade devices, engineers can quickly find parts across a range of reliability levels. These include Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS), AEC-Q, CECC and Space-approved devices with the option of additional high-level testing to support fail-free operation.”

The site offers easy access via PC, mobile and tablet. Online procurement tools include current leadtimes, an inventory list and stock search in addition to Parts Change Notices (PCNs), online quotations, subscriptions to Charcroft Intelligence emails and account applications.

A Live Chat service provides online support for commercial or technical questions.

Online purchasing of passive components manufactured in Charcroft’s UK-based CECC-approved manufacturing facility and Vishay Precision Group (VPG) Approved Precision Centre is offered via eBuy.

In addition to the UK-manufactured components, the site includes products from Charcroft’s franchised distribution linecard which covers passive, optoelectronic, electromechanical and magnetic components, in addition to power supplies, solid-state fuses, sensors and high-reliability semiconductors. All of these product ranges offer products which withstand extreme operating conditions such as high levels of temperatures, shock, vibration and contaminants as well as high ratings for voltage, power, current or precision.


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