UltraVolt, Inc. announced its new representative for Russia today, Betronik Ltd. Betronik will now offer UltraVolt standard products and services including high-voltage modules, high-voltage systems, and HV test fixtures in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.

Betronik Ltd. is a supplier and distributor of electronic components including diodes, capacitors, and resistors. With considerable experience in both the electronics field and with UltraVolt’s power supplies, Betronik offers expert technical assistance to meet customers’ individual high-voltage requirements. Many of UltraVolt’s customers in the Russian marketplace work with applications including test equipment, x-ray, photo multiplier tubes, and lasers. UltraVolt and Betronik will work collaboratively in order to meet customers’ specific application requirements.

The co-founders of Betronik, Ivan A. Pustylnyak and Alexander Y. Kislinsky, each have extensive backgrounds in the field of electronics. Both Mr. Pustylnyak and Mr. Kislinsky earned advanced degrees at Mordovian State University, specializing in power electronics. Mr. Pustylnyak also obtained his PhD in electronics at Saratov State Technical University. Each has a decade of work experience in their respective field, holding several engineering and managerial positions during that time.

“We are pleased to offer our products through the experienced team at Betronik” said James Morrison, CEO and Co-Founder of UltraVolt. “Together we can supply and support a full line of high quality and high performance high-voltage power supplies for various applications.”

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