UltraVolt announced its new representative for India today, Syratron. Syratron will now offer UltraVolt standard products and services including high-voltage power supplies, high-voltage systems, and high-voltage dividers in India.

Established in 1984, Syratron is a leading high-tech electronics solutions provider in High Reliability Electronics, Communication, RF & MW Components and sub-systems. Syratron represents manufacturers in the focus areas of defence, space, communication, satellite communications, medical, automotive, energy measurement and industrial electronics. Syratron’s mission is to bring world-class electronic products and technologies to customers in India.

Syratron has over 25 years’ experience bringing cutting-edge electronic component and sub-systems technologies and products to the Indian marketplace. Syratron’s support team, including sales engineers and field application engineers, has experience working with UltraVolt’s power supplies and offers expert technical assistance to meet customers’ individual high-voltage requirements. Many of UltraVolt’s customers in India’s marketplace work with applications including x-ray, environmental, analytical chemistry and test equipment. UltraVolt and Syratron will work collaboratively in order to meet customers’ specific application requirements.

“Indian customers in High Reliability applications in Medical, Industrial, Energy, Aerospace, and Communications are familiar with Syratron’s experience in delivering and supporting solutions”, stated James Morrison, CEO & Co-founder of UltraVolt. “Those Indian customers can now benefit from UltraVolt products that have demonstrated long term reliability, delivered quality, short lead times, and competitive prices as well as expert advice, support, and training in High Voltage!”

Complete contact information for Syratron can be found under the ‘Contact Us’ section of the UltraVolt web site.


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