TTI has boosted its capacitor offering in Europe with the adition of Panasonic’s POSCAP and OS-CON capacitors.

“POSCAP‘s and OS-CON‘s wide range of values complete Panasonic‘s portfolio of polymer and low ESR capacitors and are expected to be in considerable demand in Europe as usage expands in market sectors such as automotive applications, industrial equipment and everything related towards future environmental energy reduction.” said Matthias Frey, Panasonic Product Marketing Director Electronic Devices Section 1.

POSCAP is a compact, low profile solid electrolytic chip capacitor with a sintered tantalum anode and highly conductive polymer cathode. It offers low ESR and excellent high frequency performance in addition to high capacitance, high heat resistance and high ripple current capability. Additional benefits include reduced noise and rush current guaranteed for 20A. POSCAP is qualified down to -55degC and is completely lead-free and RoHS compliant.

OS-CON is a solid aluminium capacitor incorporating highly-conductive polymer electrolyte material and offers an extended life span combined with low ESR and excellent noise-reduction across a wide temperature range. Its solid conductive polymer electrolyte construction means OS-CON exhibits little change in ESR even at low temperatures. With excellent impedance frequency characteristics and ability to allow large ripple current, OS-CON is a good choice for use as a decoupling capacitor or smoothing capacitor. In the latter application, OS-CON reduces the size of switching power supplies. It is also suitable as a backup capacitor in high voltage high speed circuits. The OS-CON range includes a high-reliability series rated at up to 100V and suited to use in telecommunication and industrial equipment. Lead free and fully RoHS compliant, OS-CON capacitors are available in a wide capacitance range from 1µF – 2700µF.


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