TTI has been awarded JOSCAR accreditation and received its formal registration at DSEI 2017. JOSCAR is the new accreditation system for the aerospace, defence and security sectors, and is a cross-industry collaboration initiative that reduces the time, costs, resources and duplication needed when providing information to major customers.

JOSCAR holds common supplier data in a central system, and enables information to be accessed by all participating buying organisations.

A formal presentation was made to TTI on its stand at DSEI by Colin Maund, CEO, Hellios Information, the supplier information and risk management company running the JOSCAR accreditation programme.

Receiving its JOSCAR registration certificate, Kevin Nicholls, General Manager, UK, Ireland & South Africa, TTI said: “We are delighted to have satisfied all of the requirements necessary for full compliance and to now be accepted as a JOSCAR-registered supplier. This registration demonstrates the very robust and streamlined processes we have in place for supplying into defence and aerospace, one of our major and most successful market sectors, where we have been an established supplier since 1971.  Our heritage and expertise in this sector is recognised by our customers and suppliers alike.  JOSCAR accreditation is an additional demonstration to our aerospace and defence customers of our commitment to them going forwards.”


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